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Kurt D. Baker - CSU Stanislaus

Office: C236    Phone: (209) 664-6681    Email: kbaker@csustan.edu

Fall 2014

Office hours: Wednesday 9:30-10:30, Thurs 1:30-3:30

bulletPSYC 3790 Introduction to Counseling Theory
bulletSee Blackboard for class info


bulletPSYC 5905 Client Advocacy Practicum
bullet Syllabus
bulletAgency List
bulletLetter to agencies explaining need for CCA
bulletFor 9/10/14
bulletFor 9/24/14
bullet Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions Relating to MFT Trainees and Interns
bullet MFT Student Handbook
bulletFor 10/1/14
bullet Being Sane...
bulletThe Myth... pdf or html
bulletFor 10/8/14
bulletWRAP Workbook
bullet WRAP Website
bulletWRAP Form
bulletFor 10/15/14
bullet Social Justice Advocacy Article
bulletFor 10/22/14
bullet Social Justice Advocacy Article
bulletFor 11/12/14
bullet Stanislaus Recovery Project
bulletFor 11/19/14: Morganti Article
bulletFor 11/19/14: Bring discussion questions
bulletFor 11/12/14: Bring discussion questions
bulletFor 10/29/14 11/5/14
bullet Survey to be completed before class
bulletComplete this survey twice (before scoring it): once as you see yourself now and once as you see yourself a several years after you graduate
bullet Article related to survey
bulletContinue program evaluation process
bulletTurn in "Student Internship Agreement" and other CSUS forms if you have not already done so
bulletBring a finalized copy of your agency agreement form (see links below for examples; yours will likely be much simpler; see those shared by students on Blackboard)
bullet "Regular" Practicum Agreement
bullet University Template
bulletStanislaus County Community Resources (2 page version; thanks Matt)
bulletStanislaus County Resource and Referral (21 pages; thanks Jania)
bullet Stanislaus County Family Resource Directory (60 pages; thanks Jeff)
bulletAdvocacy Models Diagrams


bulletPSYC 5910 Practicum in Counseling and Diagnostics
bulletAssignments for 10/22/14
bulletRead Supervision Chapter
bulletBring "Show and Tell" items to class


bulletOther links
bulletWriting tips
bulletHow to forward your school (csustan.edu) email to your private account
bulletFixing Microsoft Word's paragraph spacing

Research Opportunities

Requests for a letter of recommendation

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