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Kurt D. Baker - CSU Stanislaus

Office: C236    Phone: (209) 664-6681    Email: kbaker@csustan.edu

Fall 2014

Office hours: Wednesday 9:30-10:30, Thurs 1:30-3:30

bulletPSYC 3790 Introduction to Counseling Theory
bulletSee Blackboard for class info


bulletPSYC 5905 Client Advocacy Practicum
bullet Syllabus
bulletAgency List
bulletLetter to agencies explaining need for CCA
bulletFor 9/10/14
bulletFor 9/24/14
bullet Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions Relating to MFT Trainees and Interns
bullet MFT Student Handbook
bulletFor 9/24/14:
bulletComplete "Student Internship Agreement" and other CSUS forms
bulletCreate rough draft of agency agreement form (see links below for examples; yours will likely be much simpler)
bullet "Regular" Practicum Agreement
bullet University Template
bulletStanislaus County Community Resources (thanks Matt)


bulletPSYC 5910 Practicum in Counseling and Diagnostics
bulletAssignment: Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Baird book


bulletOther links
bulletWriting tips
bulletHow to forward your school (csustan.edu) email to your private account
bulletFixing Microsoft Word's paragraph spacing

Research Opportunities

Requests for a letter of recommendation

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