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Kurt D. Baker - CSU Stanislaus

Office: C236    Phone: (209) 664-6681    Email: kbaker@csustan.edu

Spring 2015

Office hours: Thursdays 11:00-1:30

bulletPSYC 5780 Advanced Counseling
bullet Syllabus
bulletAdditional Readings
bullet Video List
bulletOutcome/Session Measures
bulletThe above link takes you to a different website. Once on that page, click the link that says "Click here to complete the form and download your free copies of these measures!" The assignment is only to download and familiarize yourself with the material. No write up or additional work required.
bulletIntake Interview Assignment (no later than 5/14/15)
bulletSuicide Assessment (no later than 5/14/15)
bulletAwkward Situations (Contrary to the instructions, no write up is needed. However, you need to report to me that you completed the assignment)
bulletAwareness Exercise (no later than 5/14/15)
bulletSelf-reflection (no later than 5/14/15)
bulletUseful links (worksheets, etc.)
bullet Psychology Tools (Kurt; Misty)
bulletCBT Self-Help Resources (Armando)
bullet Therapist Aid (Ashley)
bulletRelaxation Video (Julie)
bulletClinic Forms - Email me


bulletPSYC 5810 Group Counseling
bullet Syllabus (revised) - Revised Schedule
bulletAdditional Readings
bullet For 2/24/15
bullet For 5/12/15
bulletHomework Assignments
bulletYalom's 11
bulletSelf Evaluation (do only for presentation; due shortly after you present)
bullet Role Play Assessment (due shortly after you participate in the class role play)
bulletMost Important Thing (due last day of class)
bulletPresentation Schedule
bullet4/14 - Loren
bullet4/21 - Andromeda, Janessa, Sarah
bullet4/28 - Misty, Jania, Karyssa, & Lacee
bullet5/5 - Ashely, Nathan, & Sandra


bulletOther links
bulletWriting tips
bulletHow to forward your school (csustan.edu) email to your private account
bulletFixing Microsoft Word's paragraph spacing

Research Opportunities

Requests for a letter of recommendation

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